NISL is committed to providing the most up-to-date and highest quality coaching education opportunities, while creating the lowest possible barrier to coaches.
The courses we host are consistently the lowest-priced courses in Illinois.

7v7 Courses

April 27th & 30th (blended)

April 27th, 7:30pm (virtual)
April 30th, 8:30am (in-person)
College of DuPage

11v11 Courses

April 6th & 8th (blended)

April 6th, 7:30pm (virtual)
April 8th, 8:30am (in-person)
College of DuPage

9v9 Courses

April 5th & 8th (blended)
April 5th, 7:30pm (virtual)
April 8th, 8:30am (in-person)
College of DuPage

D Courses

April 26th - June 21st
Virtual meetings: weekly on Wednesdays, 8pm.
In-person meetings: May 20th-21st & June 10th-11th (8am - 4pm).

C Courses

Begins July 2023... more information coming soon

B Courses

Coming in 2024

DOC Courses

Coming in 2024

Other Courses