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Pre-Spring Rankings 2017
UPDATED 01/20/2017 @ 3:00pm

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NISL Fall 2016 Regular Season Champions

on 19 January 2017
NISL Fall 2016 Regular Season Champions

The way to success is always difficult, but you still manage to get yourself on top of your division at the best soccer league N.I.S.L.Congratulations for being so brave in taking challenges in soccer. Congratulations on your Win! You truly...

Spring Pre-Ranking 2017

on 02 December 2016
Spring Pre-Ranking 2017

UPDATED 01/20/2017 @ 3:00pm Spring Pre-Ranking 1998-99's Spring Pre-Ranking 2000's Spring Pre-Ranking 2001's Spring Pre-Ranking 2002's Spring Pre-Ranking 2003's Spring Pre-Ranking 2004's Spring Pre-Ranking 2005's Spring Pre-Ranking 2006's Spring Pre-Ranking 2007's Spring Pre-Ranking 2008's Spring Pre-Ranking 2009's Spring Pre-Ranking 2010's

The NISL is running Women's College ID

on 13 October 2016
The NISL is running Women's College ID

The NISL is running Women's College ID Session for uncommitted SENIORS in High School on Monday October 17th, 2016. Session will consist of 36 uncommitted seniors 4 GKS & 32 field players Submit Recommendations here Follow link to recommend a...

Dare To Chill

on 30 September 2016
Dare To Chill

The NISL encourages our members to take the #DareToChill. The NISL supports the Positive Coaching Alliance’s campaign that shows parents the benefits of letting youth sports be their kids' thing so that youth coaches, athletes and their parents, guardians and...

Silent Weekends

on 30 September 2016
Silent Weekends

NISL Members, We have received an email from an NISL Assignor recently that we feel raises an important issue and suggests a positive solution to the problem. The attached email details the Assignor’s direct experience involving the current referee shortage...

Djordje Mihailovic goal vs Hungary

on 07 September 2016
Djordje Mihailovic goal vs Hungary

Former member of NISL who honed his skills playing in the NISL playing for the 19 USMNT . Congratulations from all our members.

Fall 2016 Final Rankings

on 19 August 2016
Fall 2016 Final Rankings

Final Ranking 2002's Final Ranking 2003's Final Ranking 2004's 9v9 Final Ranking 2004's 11v11 Final Ranking 2005's Final Ranking 2006's Final Ranking 2007's Final Ranking 2008's Final Ranking 2009's Final Ranking 2010's

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