Viewing Invoices and Paying For Team / Player Fees

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Viewing Invoices

In order to view your Club’s financial invoices in Bonzi you will need “User” Admin access. If you do not have that level of access, please contact your Club Rep and ask them to provide you with a User account.
Your club’s team fees and player fees in the NISL are listed under two separate tabs in Bonzi which are both in the Upper Left-hand corner of your screen.

Team Fees:

Your team fees are located under the “Leagues” tab here:

The team fees are located under their “Playing Year” and then in separate folders according to the level of the league the teams are registered in:

(You will have to click each folder individually to view each balance)

Player Fees:

Your club’s Player Fees are added into your account when we print their player passes.
You can view your Player Fees under the “Club Fees” tab:

You can also view the specific players you are being invoiced for by clicking under the “Participant Fees” column for each Age Group.

Paying Fees:

Under each tab you can also pay your fees by credit card, or print out a paper waiver that you can mail out with a check payment into our office.

Team Fees:

The “Leagues” tab will have a both options clearly visible to pay your Team Fees under the Total for each level of the league:

Club Fees:

The “Club Fees” tab has both options at the bottom of your invoice:

If you have any questions regarding your invoices, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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