Northern Illinois Select Fall 2020 Tryouts

MISSION The objective of the NISL Select is to Identify motivated, talented players – with club assistance Assist clubs in the player development process - Showcase and promote players to scouts and Training Centers, id2, and college soccer programs - We achieve this by providing • A professional training environment with higher-level players • Weekly specialized training with experienced coaches – NISL Select Staff • Provide observations from scouts and college coaches Players attend open tryout NISL Select evaluates players and makes selections PLAYER PROFILE • Highly motivated, passionate, and ambitious • Demonstrate higher levels of mastery of the key qualities of a player (as outlined by US Soccer) • Ability to read/understand the game and technical proficiency are more important than being able to physically/athletically dominate due to earlier physical maturation. We would rather take a smaller, temporarily “less effective” player who shows long-term potential than one who has average or below-average technique and soccer IQ but who temporarily dominates due to his/her size and athleticism.


Northern Illinois Select - Features

  • Weekly training throughout each season (fall, winter, spring)
  • Goalkeeper-specific training included for selected goalkeepers
  • Exclusive to higher-level players (tryout-based)
  • Limited training group size to ensure attention from coaches and scouts
  • Coaches are highly licensed and experienced and do not coach for any youth clubs
  • US Soccer scouts will attend events throughout season
  • Identification/recommendations for id2 program
  • College coaches will attend events

Northern Illinois Select - Benefits


  • Your players will improve
  • Stronger players have an opportunity to be challenged, play with other strong players, and be identified for next level without leaving your club
  • Players have opportunity to be selected for national-level teams (good exposure/publicity for the club)


  • High-level coaching and challenging training environment
  • Consistent training with high repetition for best-possible development
  • Identification for id2, national teams, and colleges



Northern Illinois Select Differentiating Factors

  • Actual pathway to the next level (US Soccer scouts & colleges will attend)
  • Exclusive to motivated, higher-level players
  • Consistent, weekly training ideal for development
  • NISL Select staff do not coach for other clubs (no poaching)

Registration Open

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Northern Illinois Soccer League is adhering to the Governor's Office guidance specifying no interclub competition.  

As an essential convenience for clubs in recognition of pandemic-related restrictions and enrollment/team formation/tuition collection uncertainty, NISL has designed 2020-21 registration so clubs have player insurance and, when needed, official rosters, for practices, camps, intraclub scrimmages, etc. at an advantageously lower cost than full team registration.  Beneficially, Spring 2020 team registration credits may be used to offset these 2020-21 player registration fees.


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