Game Rescheduling

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The N.I.S.L. will no longer be utilizing the “game reschedule form”.

All changes can now be made directly through your club’s administrator.


N.I.S.L. Rescheduling Policy

- Any game that needs to be rescheduled due to an “Act of God” that is out of the team’s hands (e.g., Weather, Field Closures, etc.) is not subject to fine and will be allowed, provided the teams agree to a new game date within 5 days of canceling.

- As the league office is not open on the weekends, if you need to cancel a game due to an “Act of God,” the first priority is to confirm the cancellation with your opposing team and the home team’s referee assignor. After confirmation, please send an email complete with the Game ID # to so the league has a record of the cancellation.


206c. Schedule Changes

Changes to the schedule must be made through the collaborative scheduler online(which is the official league schedule), and have no penalty attached. Changes there after must be done with agreements from both home and away coaches and submitted online by the home team. All changes must be submitted in to the league 120 hours (5 Days) prior to the originally scheduled time.

Any changes submitted with less than 120 hours notice will result in a $60 fine for the team requesting the change and are subject to the approval of the Home Team’s Referee Assignor. If the Referee Assignor is unable to provide a referee due to the late rescheduling,the game will result in a forfeit for the team requesting the change and a $100.00 fine will be issued to the offending team.

If the Home & Away coaches cannot come to an agreement on a game date & time, the two teams must submit at least 3 possible game dates & times in to the League office that are available at their field location and the N.I.S.L. will determine the final game date & time. Whichever team fails to show for the final game time will forfeit the game and a $100.00 fine will be issued.

Teams registered and playing in the N.I.S.L. may enter as many outside tournaments as desired, but must complete their league schedule by the end of the season as designated on the N.I.S.L. League Calendar.

501b.8 Rescheduling Considerations

When both teams cannot agree on a re-schedule date, the NISL administrative office has the authority to review all the facts and determine whether the game should be re-scheduled, forfeited, or cancelled permanently and whether fines should be given. The integrity of the league shall be given considerable weight in the resolution of these matters. The N.I.S.L. administrative office shall decide what action to take and its decision shall be final.

501c. No Show/Forfeit

A No Show occurs when a team willfully does not show up at a game and there has been no league-approved written agreement for a change of the scheduled game.

501c.1 N.I.S.L. Notification

Any team unable to attend a schedule game because of an accident, weather or an 'act of God' should immediately notify the opponent and the league office. Each situation will be reviewed by the league office, which shall render a decision, which shall be final.

501c.2 Penalties

Penalties for No Shows are as follows:
1. If a team fails to meet game schedule obligation and fails to attend a match, a $200 fine for that game will be given, and the possibility of withdrawal from the league will be investigated
2. A forfeit will result in a 3-0 win to the team not at fault




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