League Reminders Fall 2016

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    1. The NISL Rules are on the web site @ www.northernillinoissoccerleague.com or www.nisl.info every coach, assistant coach, administrator and parent need to be familiar with all the rules and regulations.
    2. Home and Away coaches must inspect the goals before the start of every game and practice to make sure they are anchored properly.  Coaches must sign the Referee Report/Game Roster Sheet.  Failure to do so could result in a $1000 fine.

    Referee Report/Game Roster Sheet.

    1. Home and Away team print off their own team’s game roster on the computer. Game # will print and your own team’s roster of players, this should be done weekly. Make sure you have the correct game.  Home and Away coach give game roster forms to the Referee at the game.
    2. If you cannot access your team’s information, contact your Club Rep. for a log in. or call the Office for help. 847-398-4545

    Players Passes:

    1. All Players must have an NISL pass to play. Additions must be done in advance of Sundays Games. Upload birth certificate in the Bonzi system.
    2. Players can be added on line, non-registered players up to June 15th of each year.    Transfers between clubs - releases will be done at the end of the Fall season, transfers are allowed between 1st December to March 1st 
    3. Add the players to your team in the computer; put the appropriate picture of the players. Upload birth certificate in the Bonzi system. Dropped players must be done by the League office, mail in the players pass with the “Players Transfer/Release form and the fee.   Do not give to the player.
    4. Guest Players traveling to tournaments need permission from their coach, and a coach’s signature on a Guest Player Form.

    NISL Referee Assignment and Payment Structure

    • U7, U8, U9 & U10 Conference Level and Club Level:
      • Club Assignor assigns Center Referee
      • NISL pays for Center Referee
      • No AR’s required in NISL Club Level and NISL Conference Level
    • U11-U14 NISL Club and Conference Levels:
      • Club Assignor assigns Center Referee and AR’s
      • Club is responsible for scheduling and paying AR’s for all U11 through U19 games.
      • NISL pays for Center Referee
    • U12-U14 Championship Levels:
      • Club Assignor assigns Center Referee & AR’s (ALL 3 REFEREES MUST BE CERTIFIED)
      • NISL pays for Center Referee & AR’s

    LEAGUE PLAY -    3 points = win, 1 point = tie, 0 points = Loss

    Re-scheduled games - Home Team must notify the Referee Assignor and email the NISL for updating change on the web site.  Form for Change of Game Click Here


    • N.I.S.L. Rescheduling Policy

      - All rescheduled games must be submitted into the league office 5 days prior to the previously agreed upon time.
      - Any game not submitted within the 5 day window will incur a $60 fine.
      - The new rescheduled game date must give the assignor 2 weeks in which to assign referees.

      - Any game that needs to be rescheduled due to an “Act of God” that is out of the team’s hands (ex: Weather, Field Closures, etc.) is not subject to fine and will be allowed, provided the teams agree to a new game date within 5 days of canceling.

      - As the league office is not open on the weekends, if you need to cancel a game due to an “Act of God,” the first priority is to confirm the cancellation with your opposing team and the home team’s referee assignor. After confirmation, please send an email complete with the Game ID # to jason@chicagosoccer.com so the league has a record of the cancellation.

    DIVISION SCORES - Scores for games can be entered in on line by the referee or either team through Team Bonzi. To learn How Click Here


    Insurance Claims must be done for players within 60 Days, Insurance forms on the web site at www.nisl.info go to the Downloads on the front page click on Injury Insurance Procedure form – fax or scan to US Club site given on the form. Medical Coverage is provided as a secondary insurance.


    9:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Thursday.      

    Fridays 9:30 am to 3:00pm.

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