Assignor Game Schedules

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    Important NISL / GameOfficials Info:

    • NISL owns the information related to Northern Illinois Soccer League [Group 1444] inGameOfficials. NISL manages the access and permissions for its users.

    • NISL oversees which clubs participate with game assignments in GameOfficials. NISL also manages which assignors are responsible for each club. Please contact NISL if you have any questions on clubs their assignors.

    • This “GameOfficials How-To Guide for NISL Assignors” is geared towards brand new users of the GameOfficials software. Current users familiar with GameOfficials can also benefit in reviewing this guide for info on where to find key information related to NISL’s setup in GameOfficials.

    • For NISL-related inquires, and GameOfficials setup, access, etc., please contact Eliu Orozco at

    • For GameOfficials software information and technical support, please contact Marissa White at


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