How Players are Selected for the PDP?

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    Premier Selection:

    • The NISL contacts the Club Directors of Coaching (DOC’s) and coaches, in a particular age group asking for recommendations of players. The recommendations can ONLY be made by DOC’s or Coaches.

    • The DOC’s and/or coaches fill out the form and send it to the NISL (online registration).

    • The NISL invites the players to a train with age group.

    • The NISL evaluates the player and makes selections - Please note the number of players selected depend on the aim of the program or event.

    Type of Player to be Recommend.  
All recommended players should be motivated and amongst the top players in your club’s age group.  In addition, they should be players who are dominating due to their soccer ability rather than size. We would like to be clear, while there are some players who may be the best in their age group due to their size and athleticism, there are others who are smaller, and talented but may not be as effective at this time. We are very interested in those players who have talent and are motivated, but due to their size and physical immaturity are not necessarily as effective at this time as those larger and more physically mature players.  Finally, we are looking for players with a feeling and a vision of the game, extremely well developed skills and a passion for playing their sport.  The type of player should be recommended, will vary according to the age group and program.

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