Player Mover Function

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    Player Mover Function
    (Registering players that are already in Bonzi from a previous season)

    In order to make player registration as easy as possible for our members, the NISL has collaborated with Bonzi on a new “Player Mover” function that will allow you to move any previously registered players into the next season quickly and easily.
    Any players moved will also carry over their Pass Photos and Age Verification so you don’t have to worry about collecting all of those documents again.
    This will also be extremely helpful in categorizing your players into the new Calendar Year age cut-off.

    1. First, click on the registration folder for the new “2016-17” season:

    2. On the right side of the screen, click on the “Registrants” tab:

    3. Click on the “Copy Player” button:

    4. Simply choose the previous season and age group you’re moving players from, and then select the age group you’re moving those players to, then click “Next”:

    5. Checkmark all the players that you would like to register and click the “Copy Players” button to finish:

    You’re all done! You will see the following message to confirm that you are finished:

    You can also view the Birthdates of your Players from the “Move” screen, which should make moving the players into the new age cut-off as easy as possible.
    Just select an old Age Group like “U-10” from the previous season and then move them into the new “2006” Age Group cut-off by going down the list and check-marking all of the birthdates that end in “06”.

    Once the players are moved the league considers the players registered for the next season and will print/charge your club for the player pass (Player Passes must be paid for when being picked up)
    If you need any assistance, please email with your Club Name and a detailed description of your problem.

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