Directors of Coaching Meeting

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    June 5th, 2018 Agenda

    Below are bullet-points of the topics that were discussed at our most recent DOC Meeting.
    Please click on the “Download File” button below to see the individual handouts that go over each topic in detail.


    I. 2018-19 – New League Pricing

    • 20% Cheaper on Average
    • Club/Conference Differences
      1. Team and Player Fees are combined together
      2. Pricing dependent on Minimum & Maximum Roster Sizes
    • Players registered over the Maximum will have a per player fee
    • Price includes automatic entry into the new single elimination “Chicago Cup” Tournament
    • Premiership Differences
      1. Team Fee has increased slightly as facility and referee fees have increased
      2. To compensate for increased team fee, the player fee has been lowered to $24 per player (Flat US Club registration cost)

     II. NISL Team Ranking System and Process

    • Theory & Practices explained in detailed handout.
    • Requires timely DOC / Coach Participation in order to be successful.
    • League must be trusted with final ranking decisions.
    • Mandatory Ranking Tournament to be Introduced for 08U

     III. National Premier League Program

    • Women’s NPL
    • Boys ENPL
    • Boys 2018 High School Fall Divisions

     IV. US Soccer Connect Online Player and Game System

    • Directly linked to USSF Digital Coaching Center
    • 3 USSF Required Q’s – Only For Premier – Already in System
    • Digital Passes / Check-In
    • Game Officials / Referee Connect

     V. Coaching Education / Grassroots Licensing Coaching Courses

    • US Soccer Grassroots Courses – Availability
    • SafeSport Certification – Mandatory for Premier Coaches (Upload into DCC)
    • Positive Coaching Alliance
    • Football Theory with Raymond Verheijen – Saturday July 21st, 2018 (Loyola University Chicago) 9am to 5pm
    • La Liga - Level 2 – Friday August 5th to Sunday August 7th, 2018 (Elmhurst College)

     VI. Chicago Cup – Single Elimination League Tournament

    • Automatically enrolled upon Fall registration, no extra fees
    • Self-Schedule, with first set of games outlined for first week of season
    • 2nd set of games to be completed by end of the Fall
    • Final games will be in the Spring
    • Culminates in a North vs. South showdown

     VII. Seeding Festival for 2012 7U & 2011 8U

    • Teams will billed $120 for the Seeding Festival, and will be credited in full upon completion of the festival
    • The NISL will seed the teams before the festival begins base upon coach’s input.
    • Each team will play three games on Saturday August 25th, 2018 within one of the three-hour windows.
      1. 9am to 12pm (North) - 12:30pm to 3:30pm (South) - 4pm to 7pm (Central)
    • Teams will be reseeded for three (3) more games on Sunday August 26th, 2018 base off of results from Saturday.


    • Scheduling
      • No Scheduling Meeting for certain Age Groups. Data Entry fee for those who attend.
      • Collaborative Scheduler will remain open all season – will automatically lock games within 5 days – Fines for negligence
      • League will not reschedule games in 5 day window without documented Assignor Approval
      • Late Cancellations
        1. Inconveniences many
        2. Club requesting change will be responsible for reimbursing lost field fees, referee fees, etc.




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