NISL Scheduling Meeting Reminders

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    N.I.S.L. Scheduling Meeting Reminders

    1. A Club or Team representative must be present at the scheduling meeting.
    2. Bring the availability for your home fields.
    3. Please make sure you have a list of all possible team schedule conflicts (ie: Tournament Weekends, School Events, Vacation Times, Religious Commitments, etc.).
    4. Bring your location addresses if it is going to be change from the original as well as the name of the park and field.
    5. Bring a pen or pencil.

    Rule 206b. League Schedule

    The League schedule is the ultimate responsibility of the NISL office.

    A schedule meeting takes place prior to each playing season. A pre-season divisional scheduling and operations meeting are designed to make a schedule, but to also help prepare teams for the season operationally and give the opportunity to share and receive ideas. These meetings are mandatory for each NISL team, and carry a $100 fee for failing to attend. For teams that field more than one team per age group, it is highly recommended that someone represent each team at the meetings. This will enable the best scheduling system for each team. N.I.S.L. Rules

    All printed player & coach passes will be brought to the Scheduling Meeting. If you would like to pick up your passes at the Meeting, please make sure your Club's Team & Player Fees are paid in full or please have a Club Representative bring a check to the meeting for the remaining fees.

    We look forward to seeing you all this weekend! cool


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