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    All of the NISL Registration in Bonzi for the upcoming playing year will be through the folder in your account labeled "2017-18 Season" (this includes Girls participating in the Boys league).
    If you have Girls teams/players that you are registering into the new female exclusive NIWSL, those need to be registered in the folder labeled "2016-17 Season: Girls".
    The folders are "opened" using the little white triangle icons to the left of each folder.

    To register your team:
    • Click on the blue Age Group folder that your team will be participating in then click the "Add Team" button.
    • Once all of the Team Info is entered/selected, click the "Create" button.
    • Open the Age Group folder for the team that you have just created and click on the Team Name (it will highlight yellow).
    • On the right side "Dashboard," scroll down and click on the "Register for a league or tournament" button.
    • Select the level of the league you would like to register for and click through all of the rest of the steps of the registration process.
    • As soon as you see your receipt, your team will be all registered for the next season.
    You can always see where your team is registered in the "Leagues & Tournament" box located on your Team's Settings page (it will be located underneath the "Register for a league or tournament" button).
    If you have any questions, please email for assistance.

    Step 1
    First we need to “Create” your team in Bonzi.

    • All registration for the league will be through the folder with the most recent playing year.

    • Open the folder by clicking on the little white triangle to the left of the folder. Continue opening the folders until you see the blue “Age Group” folders.
    • Click on the “Age Group” folder for the type of team you would like to Create (it will highlight yellow):


    Step 2
    Click on the “Add Team” button at the top of the page:

    Step 3
    On the Right-Side of your screen, fill out your Team Name and select the appropriate Gender, Program Type, Age Group for the team and click the “Create” button:


    • Please include your Club Name and Age Group in the name of your team. It will be extremely helpful in identifying your team throughout the season.


    Step 4
    Now that your Team has been created, it needs to be registered into the NISL.

    • Open the Age Group folder for the team and click on the “Team Name” icon (it will highlight yellow):

    Step 5
    On the Right-Side of the screen, click on the “Register for a League or Tournament” button:

    Step 6
    ((For the rest of this process it is highly recommended that you use the “Google Chrome” web browser))

    • On the left, click on the level of the league that you would like to register your team in, and click the “Register Now” button:

    Step 7
    Choose your Age Category and click “Next” :

    Step 8
    Fill out all of the Required Fields and click “Next” (Please make sure all of the info is accurate):

    Step 9
    You do not need to set up a roster yet, so click “Next” again:

    • (( If you have players with Orange Warning Signs next to their name, just click “Edit” and select the “Trash Can” icons for each player to proceed to the next step ))

    Step 10
    It will confirm the Team Name, Age Group, and Price of your Registration. Click “Next”:

    Step 11
    One last page will inform you to make checks payable to “Northern Illinois Soccer League”. Again, click “Next”.


     Ok, you should see your receipt and you are all done registering your team.

    If at any time you would like to confirm where your team is placed, it will be under the same “Leagues & Tournaments” box where you clicked on the “Register for a League or Tournament” button.

    If you have any problems, please email for assistance.

    Thank you.

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