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    Welcome to Bonzi!

    Ready to start using Bonzi?

    NISL clubs will follow a simple 4 step process in the Bonzi system in preparation for the upcoming season. This guide will show you how to administratively add players and coaches, create and assign teams, and submit your team rosters to Northern Illinois Soccer League. It will also touch on location management, where each club can add in game locations for easy league scheduling.

    Need a little help?
    Don’t worry if you have questions along the way, simply contact your Bonzi representative for extra assistance! The entire Bonzi Support team is familiar with NISL club needs.

    Please reach out to the Bonzi Support team using the information below:

    General Support: 866-726-4131 option 1

    Accessing Bonzi

    Website Address - Each NISL club has a unique website address they use to access the Bonzi system. If you do not know this website address contact Bonzi Support to help find this information.

    IMPORTANT: It’s important to note that Bonzi Support cannot add additional users into the system without written consent from NISL or the primary club representative previously added into the Bonzi system.

    Username and Password - Each user will log in with their username (an email address) and their password. Can’t remember your password? Click the “I forgot my password” help link below the sign in box and receive a temporary password code in your email inbox!

    Below is a table of contents for your convenience. Bonzi’s goal is to provide you with a variety of information to help you be successful in a new system, however for those looking at just the basics, please click on the primary steps below for quick access to the most important instructions!


    STEP 1. Copying Players
                Add Players

    STEP 2. Registering Coaches

    STEP 3. Upload Images and Birth Certificates  

    STEP 4. Create and Assign Teams
                Create Teams
                Assign Players to Teams
                Assign Coaches to Teams
                Move players between Player Pools & Age Groups

    STEP 5. Submit Teams to the League
                Bonus: Adding Game Locations
                Contact Bonzi Support


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